BALI ASLI My restaurant and avenue for creativity, sharing my knowledge and for teaching others the real flavours of Bali. For the first time in my life it feels right in my heart to be doing what I do. Bali Asli offers visitors and inquisitive diners the chance to step through the looking glass into the real Bali.
BALINESE PEOPLE Their take on life; “we aren't as important as that - get over it...”
My life changed dramatically when my Sous Chef made me realize that there were better ways to manage staff than
throwing pots


FOOD I am like a kid in a toy store! Even after 6 years of exploring the cuisine of Bali every day, there are still things that inspire and tantalize my taste buds. From the delicate perfume of a ginger flower, to the richly flavoured roast pork with its unique style of crackling.
Penelope Jane Williams, trained classically at the Savoy Hotel London, before leaving for Sydney, where she worked for 12 years in cutting edge establishments such as Bather's Pavilion, Restaurant 41 and Boathouse. In Bali she was the Executive Chef at Alila Manggis East Bali. Since creating her own restaurant, she has lived life like a kid in a toy store and she's waiting for you to come and play!
and pans and screaming at people. I learnt to cherish the day and now live life appreciating every moment of it, without getting upset about the silly little things.
COLOURS Fluorescent green rice fields at dusk, the red-orange sun rise over the ocean, the black night sky, speckled with milky-way diamonds, traditional hand-woven/ songket fabrics with gold and silver threads, more than a rainbow of colours included in the daily and ceremonial temple offerings…
MARKETS A complete feast for the senses - see amazing fresh produce taken to the market every day, smell the incense from the altars, listen to the market women selling their wares, touch and be touched by the culture, taste and try really new and unexpected flavor combinations.
EAST BALI COUNTRYSIDE Amazing rice terraces are inspiring feats of engineering. The many mountains and volcanoes, the ocean, beautiful & spiritually powerful, fresh water springs, the cleansing, cooling & life giving rainforests – the healer, the provider & the lungs of Bali.
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