Bali is well known for its transformational energy and is considered to be a special place for healing and positive spiritual vibrations, a place where the earth’s kundalini or base chakra energy is concentrated. Consequently during the last few years Bali has developed into an important center for re-balancing, well-being and uplifting spiritual experiences.
This is not only due to the stunning natural beauty, but mainly because two of earth’s important ley lines cross the island, creating a geographical energy vortex that emanates power from six important holy sites around the island.

Puri Ganesha is situated in the northwest corner of the island on the beach between two temples, a small sea temple on top of a hill and PURA PULAKI one of the nine most important directional temples in Bali and a place of pilgrimage for Balinese Hindus from all over the island. It was founded on a much older site by Nirartha, a Hindu monk from East Java who came as an advisor to an east Bali court in 16th century.
Because of this positive power, the energy at Puri Ganesha is nearly tangible, making it an ideal place to change or resolve many negative aspects of life helped by Diana who has lived there and thrived on this it for more than 20 years.

Puri Ganesha does not pretend to be a medical clinic or high-tech spa offering al the latest treatments. Diana simply helps guests to heal by channeling and carefully making use of the natural forces around her, the fresh sea air, soothing sound of the waves for long conversations by the beach, evening temple meditation, adaptogenic high vibrational food, traditonal Balinese healing massages, natural made-to-order fresh beauty treatments, forest bathing, deep rest and relaxation together with a wide choice of different physical activities further supported by the inherent natural energy of the local environment. Stay in this beautiful, extremely cosy, laid-back luxury resort on the beach, full of Indonesian antiques and textiles at the edge of the world.

Who is Diana: an English Egyptologist, Cordon Bleu chef and interior designer who lived in Germany for 30 and has run her tiny resort, Puri Ganesha, for more than 20 years. She was the pioneer raw/vegan chef in Southeast Asia, is a vegan consultant to many top hotels, has counseled many guests and accompanied them as a knowledgeable cultural, culinary and spiritual guide on many journeys around Asia.

Depending on the time of the transfer, Diana will create a tailor-made journey so that guests can break the journey and experience many interesting things on the way. Knowing some details beforehand from a extensive questionnaire or conversation with whoever would like to embark on this journey, she will create an optimal, personal healing schedule on arrival. This will be chosen from a long list of exciting experiences, at the same time helping to negate imbalances and achieve clarity on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.
The programme is complex, but the basic message is simply that guests can and should learn to look after and care better for themselves, so being able to find peace of mind after dealing in depth with various troubling issues.

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